Hultquist Fox Cotton Cord Macrame’ Bracelet


 The fox is a symbol of luck, beyond luck and bless you with good fortune!  This macrame’ bracelet features a fox, oak leaf  & Swarovski crystal ball charms.

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Hultquist Fox Cotton Cord Macrame’ Bracelet


MATERIALS: Gold & silver plated, black Swarovski crystal ball & brown cotton wax cord – guaranteed nickel free

BRACELET LENGTH: Adjustable cotton cord with macrame’ fixture

Handcrafted in the Hultquist workshops using the finest materials.

Silver, yellow and rose gold-plated (16-22 carat gold, 925 sterling silver). Alloy base, guaranteed nickel free, coated with copper or palladium to ensure a quality finish and durability.

Caring for Hultquist-Copenhagen Jewellery

Hultquist-Copenhagen Jewellery products are made to a very high standard and due to their delicate nature, are required to be cared for in an appropriate manner to maintain their beauty and wearability. To optimally care for your jewellery we advise not to spray directly with perfume or wear them during bathing or swimming.

For further information, please visit the ‘Jewellery Care’ section of this website.